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Investment Manager Reporting Portal – Q Inform

Quintillion has designed & developed a suite of fully integrated reports from Advent Geneva. These have been produced with ease of review & transparency in mind for Investment Managers & are delivered to the client via secure website.

  • Web Reporting – Clients can access all reports through Quintillion’s Client reporting site.
  • Transparency - Delivers full transparency on the books & records of the fund
  • P&L Reports - Customised P&L reports displays profit & loss on a security by security basis or on a summary level
  • Extensive Exposure Analysis - Drill into portfolio exposure by a number of different criteria including Sector analysis / Currency / Region / Asset Class etc.
  • Fixed Income / Bank Debt Analysis – Summarises a portfolio’s fixed income holdings with details on duration, coupon YTM etc
  • Balance Sheet Analysis – Full Trial Balance, receivable & payable, movement proof etc