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Comprehensive investor reporting is available in a choice delivery options including auto-generated fax, email and online web access.

Key Features

  • Confirmation of order receipt: Sent to investors to acknowledge receipt of trade instruction.
  • Contract note: Confirms price and amount of shares issued/ redeemed.
  • Investor statement: Available monthly displays opening and closing positions, valuations and market variance.



Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Quintillion Limited is regulated under the Investment Intermediaries Act 1995 and is required to perform AML checks for the funds under administration. Quintillion has devised a comprehensive set of requirements for each investor type in accordance with regulatory requirements. Quintillion uses HWM Mantra to efficiently monitor, track and report the AML status of each investor. Quintillion employs Worldcheck Datafile to identify and continually monitor investors for hits across the various blacklists including OFAC, EU and UN. For further details see www.world-check.com