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Advent Geneva

Quintillion employs Advent Geneva as its core fund accounting platform. Geneva is widely regarded as the leading hedge fund accounting system with unparalled instrument coverage, capacity for complex fund structure accounting, high trade volumes & integrated general ledger.

Quintillion’s specific Geneva highlights include:

  • Employ’s full Geneva functionality including fund structures, swaps & bank debt modules, & closed period accounting.
  • Continues to upgrade & deploy the latest versions of Geneva taking full advantage of new functionality & development.
  • Currently employs version 7.1.
  • Joan Kehoe is currently on the Advent Geneva Advocacy Council providing direct influence on future enhancements & upgrades.

Geneva’s functionality includes:

  • Complete coverage of all instruments & transaction types including complex OTC instruments such as Bank Debt/Loans, CDS’s, Collateralized Loan Obligations, Interest Rate Swaps & OTC Swaptions
  • True multi-currency processing
  • Comprehensive reporting with particular focus on P&L reporting for Investment Managers with analysis at any level from security, feeder fund to strategy
  • Architected for accounting accuracy, operational efficiency & maximum service
  • Industry-leading customer base