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Quintillion integrates trades workflow with Beauchamp FundManager from Linedata Services

Release Date: 08 July 2009

Dublin, 8th July 2009 – Quintillion Limited, an independent hedge fund administration firm, is delighted to confirm Q Acquire its trade workflow system has now been fully integrated with Beauchamp FundManager. Quintillion’s trade workflow is custom engineered to deliver a process driven solution to the administrator trade interface; automatically building any OTC derivative security masters or other static data in the portfolio and accounting system, loading trade information and resolving trade exceptions in a highly efficient manner. Quintillion’s integration with Beauchamp is facilitated via a standard format daily trade file containing details of the relevant trade as well as the underlying economics of the OTC position from Beauchamp. On receipt of the trade file, the workflow is scheduled to automatically build any new OTC security masters within Quintillion’s accounting system before the trade is booked, thus eliminating the need for any manual intervention. At this point, any additional OTC trade economics such as REDID, Doc clause, attachment / detachment points, underlying reference entity ISIN’s etc from Beauchamp are mapped to Quintillion’s accounting system in a fully automated fashion. This innovative and unique technology, which uses leading edge complimentary workflow systems, has allowed Quintillion deliver an exception based processing solution for highly complex securities within our daily operational environment.

"Hedge fund managers want to focus on trading and managing their strategies. Linedata’s front to back solutions are designed with this in mind. Beauchamp’s integration with Quintillion enables automation and reduces operational risk, allowing fund managers to focus on their core business." said James Pinnington, Commercial Manager at Linedata Services Northern Europe.

"Quintillion’s trade interface with Beauchamp, allowing us to send trade files directly from our booking system, gives greater accuracy and efficiency, limiting errors while allowing a smoother trade flow and reconciliation process", said Laura Fuss at Blackfish Capital Management.

"The Beauchamp interface with Quintillion delivers both the settlement details of the trade itself as well as critical underlying economics of single and multiname credit derivatives as well as interest rate, equity and forex derivatives. We look forward to building on our implementation of our Q Acquire solution and to partnering with Beauchamp on additional future shared clients," said Neil Mackay, head of Investment Operations at Quintillion. This integration also allows for mapping of internal client investment identifiers as the primary security identifier on any over the counter security. This facilitates greater compatibility in the reconciliation process both back to the Investment Manager and to the Prime Broker(s) in order to complete a daily triangular position reconciliation cycle. The use of a common identifier also facilitates granular profit and loss reconciliations, position reconciliations as well as greater transparency in the cash reconciliation process in terms of mapping high volume upfront / unwind / periodic OTC payments. It can also simplify incoming OTC price feeds from third party vendors, particularly where there are a significant number of open positions.

About Quintillion
Quintillion is an indigenous and independently operated fund administration company which was established in 2006. The majority ownership of the company is shared by the management and staff, with a 25% minority share owned by a US seed investor. Quintillion provides a complete suite of fund administration and back office support along with shareholder services to a wide variety of clients. Experienced accounting and investor services professionals, coupled with leading technologies which are deployed in an innovative manner, are at the core of its ability to deliver superior fund administration solutions to hedge funds and asset management firms. Our client base of hedge fund managers, institutions and corporations run a broad selection of investment strategies and fund structures that are serviced by client focused teams. For more information, visit www.quintillion.ie

About Linedata Services
Linedata Services leads the financialservices technology market, developing solutions and services to help the industry manage the investment process. Linedata’s asset management offering is a complete set of bestofbreed software products, spanning front to backoffice. Linedata’s solutions address the specific requirements of mutual and institutional funds, alternative and hedge funds, fund administrators, prime brokers and private wealth companies.

Headquartered in France and listed on the Paris stock exchange, Linedata Services achieved revenues of €160.7 million in 2008, has offices worldwide and services more than 700 clients across 50 countries. For more information, visit www.ldsam.com

About Beauchamp FundManager
Beauchamp FundManager is a highly configurable and scalable portfolio management system, offering a tamperproof platform for trade capture, P&L and portfolio analysis, custom report design, and automated reconciliations with counterparties. Like all Linedata’s products, Beauchamp FundManager is available through traditional deployment options, as well as through an ASP (Application Service Provider) model, providing hosted hardware and software management. Linedata has 20 years’ experience delivering ASP solutions.

Joan Kehoe
Chief Executive Officer – Quintillion Limited
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James Pinnington
Commercial Manager – Linedata Systems
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Email: james.pinnington@bft.linedata.com
Ken Somerville
Head Of Business Development – Quintillion Limited
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Email: ken.somerville@quintillion.ie
Adam Honeysett Watts,
Cognito Public Relations
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