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Technology Partners


Quintillion has developed partnerships with some of the leading industry technology providers in the hedge fund arena. These alliances allow us to offer enhanced solution offerings to our clients utilising both the technology and developed relationships with these various software companies to provide a product of the highest quality.





Geneva is the leading fund accounting platform for the alternative investment industry. It provides comprehensive support for all investment products, strategies and instruments providing full sub-ledger and general ledger accounting and reporting

Workflow Manager is Geneva’s built-in enterprise application integration toolkit which enables Quintillion to integrate Geneva quickly and easily with other applications, increasing the level of automation and efficiency.





Paladyne Security master combines multiple sources of security data (e.g. Bloomberg and Reuters) into a single “golden copy” security database by using a rules-based engine to arbitrate amongst the data vendors. The “golden copy” security database stores both listed and non-listed security types and may be updated in real-time or on-demand as data becomes available from source vendors and post directly into Geneva

Paladyne Price Master automatically collects and stores pricing and market data from 3rd party data sources such as Bloomberg, IDC, Markit, and Reuters providing a flexible user interface for analyzing pricing data (e.g. time series price variance), comparing price sources, and creating custom pricing rules based on firm-wide pricing policies and compliance requirements. Price data can then posted directly into Advent Geneva





HWM - Mantra

Quintillion employs HWM Mantra as its core shareholder register system.
It encompasses offshore and onshore funds, limited partnerships, private equity vehicles and pension schemes in a single, state of the art, distributable program.