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Quintillions client base comprises a broad range of investment managers from large international financial institutions to boutique private firms. Our customers are sophisticated firms, whose preference for high quality service is delivered by Quintillions state of the art technologies and supported by our outstanding operations team.

Our product offering is designed for managers who wish to engineer independent and robust NAV calculations for their investors and exceeds the highest standards of shareholder due diligence for operations and valuation risk. It is designed to be a modular solution for investment managers that wish to have complete control over their technology, prime brokerage, and custody solutions.

Our Funds

Quintillion is a truly universal solution for alternative investment managers supporting a diverse selection of strategies, structures, domiciles and investor profiles allowing all funds that a manager operates to be accommodated under one roof.

Our unique success in deploying leading edge technologies with an exceptional level of integration delivers an unmatched consistency of service for all our client’s funds.

Selection of supported strategies

  • Convertible Arbitrage
  • Multi Strategy
  • Credit Arbitrage
  • Distressed Securities
  • Long Short Equity
  • Global Macro
  • Fund of Hedge Funds
  • Market Neutral
  • Commodities
  • Private Equity
  • Credit Arbitrage
  • Special Situations
  • Managed Futures

Examples of Client Solutions


Non Standard Pricing Solutions

Credit Renaissance Partners, LLC, through their multi domiciled funds, invests globally on a value basis in deeply discounted corporate debt and structured asset obligations – both distressed and performing, as well as the debt of companies in Liquidation. The Funds seek to profit thereby from market inefficiencies and the asynchronicity of different credit cycles. As these positions cannot be priced from the standard exchange based third party vendors, a comprehensive set of pricing policies and procedures have been created.

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Fund Conversion Solutions

When Laxey Partners, the Isle of Man based Investment Manger, decided to convert the large number of funds they have under management from their previous administrator they needed to be sure that the process would be seamless, accurate and just as important, timely.

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Investor Services Solutions

GML Capital LLP has a number of funds with over 200 investor accounts which were converted over to Quintillion. Ascertaining and monitoring the Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) status of each of these investors was a key requirement of GML.

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OTC Securities Solutions

Chenavari Investment Managers (www.chenavari.com) is an independent asset manager specialized in fixed income credit & debt markets. Quintillions unique Trade workflow, Q Acquire, has enabled a systematic and automated trade processing solution which extracts the key OTC trade economics directly from the Chenavari portfolio management system and automatically creates these various credit instruments in Advent Geneva along with the underlying trade details such that all subsequent income flows are systematically generated.

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